Saving money on your weekly shop

When it comes to the cost of our weekly shop, it is often difficult to predict exactly how much we are likely to spend. The cost of running a family home has only ever increased over the years and the cost of our weekly shop is no exception to this rule. This fact is somewhat compounded thanks to the vast amounts of offers and promotions which are available in-store and can cause a level of confusion when considering exactly how much has been saved. If you have ever been in a position where you left the supermarket having popped in for a loaf of bread, with all sorts of other purchases; this really does apply to you! Although as modern day consumers we are aware that clever marketing plays a key role in the vast majority of places we shop, the reality is, supermarkets are amongst the ‘worst’. In the current Market place there are 4 or 5 big players in terms of those stores fighting for your business. As such each and every one of these stores use a range of marketing tactics, on the television, in magazines and of course in the store itself to ensure you maximise your spending at every given opportunity. Although of course as consumers this means we have every possible opportunity to save money when comparing the cost of our everyday essentials, I think it would be fair to say we could all benefit from shopping in a manner which is a bit more ‘savvy’ from time to time. Today we will be looking at a range of different money saving tips specifically designed for your weekly shop and in doing so hopefully enable us to buy smart and benefit as a result.

Thankfully the internet not only houses a whole host of facilities relating to our shopping, socialising and financial needs but in addition offers and stores a wealth of information too. Not only are there online shopping facilities for most of the main players in the supermarket industry, making it easier and quicker to shop conveniently then has ever been true before but also social and blogging networks allow us to share tips and advice on a whole host of different topics and subjects; even that of supermarket shopping and saving. Take for example ‘Shopping for busy mums’ which is an online group dedicated to helping other mums to benefit from lessons learnt and experience gained. So first and foremost the best piece of advice to consider when ready to tackle your weekly shop is to spend a little time surfing the web to understand not only what promotions are available but also research as to new tips and almost ‘cheats’ other shoppers have discovered along the way.

One of the best ways to save money on your weekly shop is actually to consider your shop in advance of it taking place, so this means being aware of what you have left over in the fridge, freezer and cupboards before setting out to buy more. This is also a great basis for writing your shopping list and of course formulating a list and sticking to it will reduce the amount of unplanned purchases as you tackle the supermarket. Another trick in saving money is simply the frequency at which you shop. You will notice that most marketing produced for supermarkets mentions and furthermore focuses on the fact money can be saved for different elements of your ‘weekly’ shop. In reality many of us could save money simply by shopping every 8 or 9 days or so. Planning meals and cooking extra which can be frozen will allow the extra days to be covered, often with little or no fuss. It would even be worth considering having a ‘left-over’ night where all of the meals where too much was cooked, can be brought back out and enjoyed again. Over the course of a year these few small changes are bound to make a sizable difference to the overall cost of your regular shopping bill.

In terms of tips when you reach the supermarket of your choice; sticking to the basics is absolutely key here. This means following a list and never shopping when hungry. Shopping when hungry leads to making purchases which normally would be avoided. This may just be a snack for the drive home or a whole set of items which take your immediate and unplanned attention! Consider own-brand options when it comes to the things you usually buy instead of always reaching for the multi-buy deals as a matter of course. Although multi-buy deals can save money compared to the full cost of the individual product, remember that own brand goods are cheaper and have been proven time and time again to be similar in quality.   

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