Why you don’t need to pay full price for your beauty products

Given the fact we now live in a world which inundates us with information 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it is of little surprise that the females amongst us are spending up to an eye-watering £15,000.00 on beauty and beauty related treatments in our lifetimes. Thanks to the increasingly use of Smart Phones and their applications we are now presented with clever marketing, tailored to our own shopping habits no less, at every given opportunity and there is opportunity aplenty. The reality is this situation of course is that a substantial amount of money is being spend every single year on a whole host of different beauty related items and if savings to this area of spending could be made; it would be wise to do so. What is clear is that the marketing resources used are gradually targeting us in a more personal and relatable manner and the end result is that we are becoming increasingly prepared to spend our hard earned cash to look like our favourite celebrities, a younger version of our former selves or even the latest Instagram sensation. Thankfully although the world in which we now exist contains not only 24/7 information and there within marketing, of the multiple social media accounts each of us now hold, these same resources are just one of the many different ways you can help ensure you never pay the full price for beauty related items ever again.

One of the latest and greatest ways of obtaining a discount off your beauty purchase online is to arrive on the website and simply wait. That’s right, just wait. The odds are within a few minutes you will be presented with a form of pop up window offering you a form of percentage discount. To obtain this discount it is likely you will have to sign up to regular marketing emails from the company in the future, however, this in itself will only ever lead to further promotions in the future. Online stores want to be able to welcome you as a regular customer and given the vast amount of choice which now exists, one of the quickest ways of getting our attention before we move on to another website is via these pop ups; so keep an eye out for them.

Another way of securing an online discount is actually to close down the website altogether. The trick here is to shop around the website as you normally would and place the items you wish to buy in the basket provided. When you have decided upon the items you wish to buy and they have been placed in the basket, the next step is to close the website and then wait. The reason for doing this is that online stores are aware that many shoppers either accidently or are required to close down the window at some point in the shopping process and as such want to try and get you back. Usually within a 24 hour period the website will email you a link back to your basket to not only remind you that you have an incomplete purchase but in addition will provide you with a unique discount code to return with. Again it is likely this discount code will be for a percentage amount off the purchase price and is often restricted to a certain time frame for use. Some websites require you to be fully logged into your account with them before you leave your stocked basket whereas others are smart either to form the link in the background meaning they can still send you an email across.

Aside from maximising your chances of getting a discount when physically on the beauty supplying website of your choice, there is of course also the ability to obtain discount from other website based sources. Not only are there websites dedicated to finding discount codes and making them available, there is also another means of obtaining discount which is becoming increasingly popular. This other route is through your social media accounts. Many ‘celebrities’ are paid to promote a vast array of products and services and this includes everything which is beauty related. Keeping an eye on your social media timelines and the posts of well-known faces will likely result in the promotion of products and with that, promotional codes. Between social media, dedicated websites for discount promotion and the websites themselves, in today’s busy market place for beauty there really isn’t any need to pay the full list price.

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Author: Internal Customer Services Agent